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Joint Custody Child Support

Do I Need to Pay Child Support if I Have Joint Custody of My Child?

It depends on what kind of joint custody you are discussing. Legal custody relates to choice making authority and has nothing to do with child support. Joint physical custody is a vague term and exactly what matters is how time is divided. In the majority of joint physical custody scenarios, the child’s time is divided in between the moms and dads in such a way that means one parent has more time than the other with the child. With this kind of joint custody, child support is payable. If this is a true 50/50 time share, child support is typically still ordered to be paid by the parent with more cash to the one with less, but there are definitely cases where none is ordered.

Legal Custody

Legal custody is when a mom and dad can make significant decisions about the child’s life. Joint legal custody gives both moms and dads the right to make decisions jointly for the child. For instance, parents with joint legal custody should make joint choices concerning the child’s health, education and religious beliefs. Both moms and dads typically have equal access to the child’s educational and health records. Joint legal custody does not affect child support.

Physical Custody

Physical custody relates to with whom the child will reside. If one mom and dad has complete physical custody, the other moms and dad may have visitation privileges. Visitation might be referred to as “affordable” or “structured” in numerous jurisdictions. Sensible visitation suggests that there is not an established schedule for visitation. Rather, it goes through the contract of the parents. Structured visitation happens on a regular schedule, such as certain holidays, weekends and summer visitations. Joint physical custody likewise consists of a schedule of when the child will be with each mom and dad. The child typically resides with both moms and dads at various periods. While some moms and dads might have joint custody, they might not have the child the specific very same quantity of time as the other moms and dad. In many cases, parents have both joint legal and physical custody. In others, they may only have joint legal custody.

Joint Custody Child Support Calculator Utah

Child support is a series of routine payments that a mom and dad pays in order to financially support and look after his/her child. In cases where one mom and dad has full custody of the child, the other parent is generally purchased to pay child support to the custodial parent. The amount of child support that is awarded is often based on a specific formula that is assigned by a state statute. In joint custody cases, the moms and dad with the higher earnings may be bought to pay child support to the parent with lower income. The amount of child support that a celebration needs to pay depends on the state law where the child support order is provided. Use a Utah Joint Custody Child Support Calculator here.


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