Answering all Legal Questions, Whether They've Been Asked or Not!

In troubled times such as the global economic crisis of the early twenty-first century, every government is doing whatever they can to make a profit and save themselves from the worst situation. In such a time, decisions like legalizing marijuana are tough but necessary. Its potential legalization is focused solely on the profits it will bring to the economy. But we must also get an insight into the effect it would have on other factors, especially crime rates of different states.

Marijuana is used in limited quantities for medical purposes. When given to cancer patients it helps renew their appetite, cure insomnia, reduce anxiety and thus help relieve chronic pain. All these medical benefits, especially to ease the troubles of cancer seem worth the trouble. Unlike most other drugs, medical marijuana is not physically addictive, although it can have a high psychological impact.

It is important to understand the effect that marijuana legalization would have on all factors of the social structure:

1.     Less incentive for criminal behaviour:

Often illegal drugs act as a motivation for committing crimes. If marijuana is legalized it would mean that people have one less thing to gain from the crimes they commit like robbery, arson, embezzlement, small thefts or public brawls. Even illegal drug trading and illegal drug mafia would be discouraged.

2.     Lower prices:

Illegality causes prices of Marijuana to steep higher. If made legal, drug cost would reduce dramatically, thus taking away the ‘charm’ from the drug. People often think that things that come at a high price are worth the trouble. On the other hand, if drug rates go down, it will be easily available to the common people, especially young kids. This would mean pushing youngsters into a circle of drug use and abuse. It could lead to irrational behaviour, violent instincts, and increase in petty or serious crimes.

3.     Drug and drive:

Now the police have to deal with alcohol abuse on a regular basis, but with the legalization of Marijuana their problems might get multiplied. People might not be held for illegal possession, but what they do under the influence of  Marijuana could be unimaginable.

4.     Focus on real crimes:

Police might be freed from checking everyone for possession of Marijuana, instead they can focus on the more serious crimes inflicting the society. It will also free people’s minds towards trying pot once in their lives and it will not be a big deal anymore.

It would be wiser to have people use Marijuana under a controlled environment, but that would mean more vigilance from the police. Even with that kind of vigilance, it will not have to be to the extent that they are vigilant currently. The profit that can be made from the legalization would ensure more taxes for the state and federal government. This will, in turn, benefit the average tax paying citizen and can be used to strengthen the judicial and security system for the society, thus ensuring that any kind of crime is discouraged.




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